CACP Mid-Year Conference

February 15 - 19, 2016

(Conference ​fees ​include ​attendance ​at ​the ​New ​and ​Aspiring ​Chiefs ​Orientation ​Seminar ​on ​February ​15 ​- ​17, ​2016. ​
 ​The ​CACP ​Mid-Year ​Conference ​will ​follow ​the ​seminar ​on ​February ​18 ​- ​19, ​2016)


Riverside Library and Cultural Center
3700 Golden Street
Evans, CO 80615

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The last page of the agenda has information on the orientation (February 15-17)

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Colorado Two Years Later - Training Conference for Law Enforcement

March 16-18, 2015
University of Denver

The Colorado Two Years Later - marijuana conference is a three (3) day conference, beginning at 7:30am March 16 and concluding at 5:00pm, March 18th, 2016 at the University of Denver (DU), March 16-March 18, 2016, 8-5pm:
2240 Buchtel Blvd
Ritchi Center
Denver, CO 80210

CACP is pleased to offer this conference opportunity to law enforcement professionals from outside the state of Colorado.

The cost for out-of-state registrants is $395. By attending this conference, you will be the first collective outside group to receive the actual training Colorado law enforcement officers are currently receiving for field application to all marijuana related issues.


Cancellation Policy: To receive a full refund of $395, you MUST cancel before March 1, 2016.

Any other in OR out of state Government agency, please click HERE to register.

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This conference is designed to impart new knowledge about the current state of affairs regarding marijuana and the effects of marijuana seen by Colorado law enforcement. There will be classes on evidence, seizures, toxicology, SFST update, warrants, felony DUI’s, marijuana 101 course, prosecutor presentations, department of revenue reports, and other topics concerning marijuana. Please initially register for the conference on the POST training portal.

One week prior to the conference additional registration details will be sent out requiring those registered to select specific classes as the conference is broken into three distinct tracks of learning. The three tracks of learning are marijuana education for law enforcement, public safety concerns, and an administrative track.

For IN-STATE Registrants, please open the conference training announcement or visit the Colorado State Patrol website.

For questions about this conference, please contact Carolyn Berry, Special Project Manager at 720-508-6725 or

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